Culinary Art

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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

The educational programme of Culinary Arts, covers every requirement in modern gastronomy and provides students with a knowledge of traditions and an understanding of new techniques adding value expected by a profession that must constantly adapt to the development of consumer patterns.

The professional applications done in a perfectly adapted teaching infrastructure gives students the opportunity to be trained in modern way of all catering sectors - traditional, commercial, mass.

The subjects given in the Culinary Art course are:

First Year Second Year
  • Gastronomy I
  • Basic Pastry
  • Professional applications
  • Kitchen theory
  • Ingredients
  • Catering operations
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Food service Facilities & Equipment
  • Kitchen Terminology
  • Dietics and nutrition
  • Gastronomy II
  • Pastry
  • Professional applications
  • Mass production kitchen
  • Menu Costing - Cost Control
  • Menu planning
  • Restaurant Management
  • Nouvelle, Creative, International Cuisines
  • Oenology – Beverages
  • Gastronomy I and II, a two-year requirement, include Cooking and Recipe knowledge and along with Professional applications, the students learn the creations of the international gastronomy.

    Επαγγελματική Σχόλη μαγειρικης Επαγγελματική  Σχόλη μαγειρικης

    At the same time special emphasis is given to the traditional Greek & Mediterranean cuisine. A full schedule of Professional applications covers every aspect of Culinary Arts in such a way that students are able, to cover professionally every culinary preparation in a short time.

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    By completing the course in Culinary Arts at Chef D’ Oeuvre, students are well-prepared to enter the world of cooking as professional chefs in every aspect of the food business.

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