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Culinary Education & Pastry chef School in Greece

Culinary Education & Pastry chef School in Greece Culinary Education & Pastry chef School in Greece

Professors and chefs who teach in Chef d’Oeuvre are some of the foremost and professionally well known in Greece and abroad.

The educational programme includes courses and techniques which target on skilled professionals with excellent theoretical formation and experience acquired during workshops and training periods.

Workshop applications constitute the most important part of our education, they take place in our privately owned modern workshops installations, with the participation of students in productive procedures. Each academic year is divided in two periods:

A) Theoretical period & Workshops (from November to May) where theoretical lessons, workshop applications, presentations, educational seminars and visits to well known hotels and restaurants, take place. Exams are held at the end of the academic year.

B) Practical period (from June to August) where students put their knowledge into practice during their training period, under school’s supervision, at the finest and most famous hotels and restaurants where Chef d’oeuvre co-operates with.

During the training period, students are remunerated with the trainee salary and are supervised by teachers of Chef d’Oeuvre Training Department.

With the training practice, students have the opportunity to acquire their first experience with the profession, to meet first hand their working environment , the chefs and people with whom they will co-operate in the future, while the beginning of their professional career is ensured.
For students who are interested in continuing their studies in Food and Beverage Management, there exist a yearly post-graduated Department of F & B Management.


Chef d’Oeuvre dispose its own bibliography for all specialities, professional companions and books, for every specialised lesson in School.
The “Chef d’Oeuvre Culinary Book ” which is taught in School’s Culinary Department constitute a professional manual, a model for the greek standards as it includes a concetrated educational programme. Years experience and specialisation in gastronomy are impressed with a precise and pleasant way in this book written by the professor, Mrs Nicolaou. Recipes photos are taken in School’s workshops during a production with real materials, according to Chef d’Oeuvre educational programme. The purpose of this book is to become an indispensable tool for new chefs…