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Further Education – Seminars

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Educational Programmes for Supplies Professionals
Large companies, public and private institutions which recognise Chef d’Oeuvre’s prestige and experience, assign their staff’s education and training according to programmes elaborated up to their demands. Chef d’Oeuvre with its excellent skilled professors and chefs realises specials groups for the professionals’ education in new techniques and specific issues which reply to the needs of every professional or company.

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Chef d’Oeuvre’s recent educational agreements with professionals, successfully accomplished are the following:

Supplies staff training of the international company ARAMARK-DASKO which undertook the catering of the Olympic Games 2004. Chef d’Oeuvre was chosen as the official Training Organisation of the company for the Olympic Games.
Training programme for the permanent supplies staff of the Navy.

Culinary seminars for amateurs
Chef d’Oeuvre aiming at the information of culinary’s friends in the gastronomy evolution of techniques and trends, organises seminars for amateurs dedicated to international cuisine with recipes of creative culinary, original desserts, wine connoisseur, decoration & art de la table. The great participation and the turnout of these seminars prove the importance of Chef d’Oeuvre gastronomic suggestions.

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