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Events and Activities

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Aiming at the qualitative educational improvement, the cultivation of a co-operational spirit, the noble emulation and the teamwork between students Chef d’Oeuvre organises and participates in a plurality of educational activities. Through these activities the development of students’ personal style is achieved as well as their educational culture, their vocational information, their contact with workplaces, art and creativity.

Business seminars, Demonstrations, Presentations

Chef d’Oeuvre realises professional culinary and pastry seminars (dedicated to international cuisine and special techniques) demonstrations and presentations (carving in fruits, vegetables, ice) drinks tasting, having as a goal the education of its students and graduates in techniques and gastronomic methods. In addition, large food companies select Chef d’Oeuvre premises in order to present their new products which are promoted to consumers market. Chef d’Oeuvre’ students are the first professionals who know and use these products.

Co-operation with foreign schools

Chef d’Oeuvre maintains regular co-operations with respective european schools, aiming at students and professors’ exchange as well as a permanent information in educational and professional issues.
Chef d’Oeuvre’s famous co-operation with the Gastronomy School “LE CORDON BLEU'’, the most renowned internationally school of Gastronomy -with annexes in Europe, United States, Australia and Asia-confirms the prestige, the international reputation and the high educationally gastronomic level of Chef d’Oeuvre in Greece, offering in its students opportunities of a specialised educational and post-educational programme according to european standards.

Participation in contests, international exhibitions, gastronomy festivals

Chef d’Oeuvre participates in innumerable contests of creative culinary, pastry and bartender in national and international level. International distinctions and golden metals in gastronomy have fulfilled Chef d’Oeuvre between the best european schools. First and second year students’ participation in contests is every year more and more important as they stand out for the technique of their makings and creations presented in public or adjudicators by winning deservedly metals and praises in their contest categories.

Chef d’Oeuvre’s co-operation with CHEF’S CLUB, E.M.E and EUROTOQUESM etc, and students participation in competitions, exhibitions and festivals organised by the previous institutions give to students the opportunity to have a wide range of experience and knowledge, which in combination with their educational programme, broaden and enrich their vocational skills.

Educational/Instructional visits

In the frame of educational programs, Chef d’Oeuvre, during the scholastic period, organises visits to food and special equipment factories, wine factories, and distillers, hotels and restaurants, catering, pastry and bakery workshops.

In these kind of visits, site tours are organised by the heads of units and school’s teachers, with analytical explanations of the units function and administration. These interesting site tours give to students the opportunity to discuss with the chefs and the heads of food supplies departments, to raise queries and to understand the function of all departments of preparation and production.

Scholarships and rewards

Chef d’Oeuvre’s scholarships and rewards programme is created in order to support and motivate excellent students to broaden their horizons and aim at a high level, with the school substantial help.
Distinguished students in their speciality are rewarded, as result of their effort, by the Administration of Chef d’Oeuvre with scholarships for post-graduated educational cycles.

Student’s Culinary Art Exhibition

In a special workplace in Chef d’Oeuvre’s premises, exists a permanent art exhibition of students’creations in culinary, pastry and bakery art. The exhibition also includes works of prize-winners students in competitions of creative gastronomy.

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