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Pastry Chef School in Athens

Pastry Chef School in Athens

The Pastry section of CHEF D’ OEUVRE is one of the few specialized training centers of Pastry Art not only in Greece but in Europe.The duration of the course is two years in which the students are instructed by well known chefs specialized in their field. Following an avant garde studies program and Professional applications the students are trained in all aspects of the confectionery art, classic, international and traditional Pastry. Furthermore, they study modern dietetic pastry making and techniques in Decorative and Artistic pastry.

A separate course is Baking where the students get to know the technology of foodstuff, the mechanics of flour and the processing of new materials, techniques and methods of modern and traditional baking.

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Furthermore, students are instructed in cold cuisine and so-called salty pastry making in order to be able to cover the modern requirements when the patisserie’s are called upon to cover receptions and other catering events.

The courses offered in the Pastry Course are:

First Year Second Year
  • Pastry I
  • Ingredients
  • Bread making Techniques
  • Pastry Operations
  • Professional applications
  • Pastry II
  • Desserts - Cold cuisine
  • Menu Costing
  • Cost Control
  • Decorative pastry
  • Baking
  • Professional applications
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    In Chef d’ Oeuvre besides our unique artistic creations we create the “Pastry artisans” of tomorrow.

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