Fish roe Dip (Taramosalata)

Επιστροφή στις: Chef’s recipes of Greek Dips

Preparation : 20 ‘

091.jpgINGREDIENTS FOR 600 gr. DIP

· Fish roe (taramas) 100 gr.
· Bread without crust 200 gr.
· Onion small 1
· Olive oil 350ml
· Lemon (juice) 2

· Place the bread in water.
· Squeeze the bread well to drain the water.
· Clean, wash, peel and pass the onion from a grater.
· In a wooden mortar place tarama, onion and well drained bread. Work all the ingredients well adding gradually the olive oil.
· Add gradually the lemon juice to the level it satisfies your taste.
· A second faster way is to work with a blender as follows :
· Place all the ingredients in a blender with the 1/3 of the olive oil.
· Have the blender working for a few seconds, then continue working by adding gradually the remaining olive oil.
· Add, finally, the lemon juice.